Supporting Republicans

I strongly support Governor Ron Desantis, and I am committed to seeing Republicans win Florida, Congress, and the next presidential election. I will grow the party.


I support keeping taxes low while removing regulations and tariffs. Businesses will thrive if they are not burdened by government red tape. We need to lower our national debt and get spending under control. We must end enhanced federal unemployment benefits because people should not be paid more to not work than to work. I oppose the $15 national minimum wage because it will discourage businesses from hiring unskilled workers and teenagers, result in inflation, and cause businesses to go bankrupt and layoff workers. The businesses that do survive will rely more on automation and less on employees. I oppose actions to limit the use of fossil fuels. A strong economy needs affordable energy, and the most affordable energy comes from fossil fuels.


Everything legal and ethical should be done to stop illegal immigration. Development on the border wall should resume, the Remain in Mexico Policy should be reinstated, and Title 42 expulsions should continue. Children who cross the border illegally with their caregivers should not be indefinitely detained, but their caregivers should be detained. Releasing children and their caregivers incentivizes more adults to illegally and dangerously cross the border with their children or children they fraudulently claim are their own. The children who cross the border illegally should be placed in a safe and stable placement, but their caregiver should be detained until they receive an adjudication on their immigration status.

Immigration must be managed wisely. The rate of immigration should not exceed the time it takes to educate and integrate immigrants into the economy. We need a merit-based immigration system that ensures those who migrate to the United States are legal, educated, and value American law.

I support the Ten Steps to Fix the Broken Immigration Enforcement System, recommended by NumbersUSA.

National Security and Terrorism

The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 were caused by terrorist alliances who are still in operation today. Our national security requires us to maintain a presence in Afghanistan; however, we cannot operate alone in the world. The United States must develop working alliances with NATO countries, other strategic allies, and even politically challenging countries such as China and Russia.

Covid-19 and Pandemic; Covid-19 is a serious illness but it never justified economic lockdowns. Since April 2020, I’ve been a vocal critic of lockdowns and advocated for the state to reopen. I created one of the largest Reopen Florida groups on the internet. While other kowtowing candidates tolerated the authoritarian lockdowns, I clearly saw that the harm of lockdowns were greater than the harm of the coronavirus. I support voluntary Covid-19 vaccinations, but I oppose vaccine passports and government mask mandates.

Crime and Public Safety

Any effort to defund law enforcement is unacceptable. I’ve worked as a Child Protective Investigator with the Department of Children and Families, and I’ve responded to homes with police escort because there are many situations where a social worker is not enough. Law enforcement is the thin blue line that holds civilization together.

Liberals criticize the high incarceration rate in the United States; however, there is evidence the incarceration of parents and siblings can reduce future incarceration levels in children. If we want to end the culture of crime, we must get tough on career criminals and recognize when rehabilitation is not likely.

Due to the legalization of marijuana/cannabis that is occurring in some states, I support empowering the Drug Enforcement Agency to regulate the interstate sale and transportation of marijuana in order to have a regulatory structure that can manage the legal sale of marijuana in these states; however, I support allowing each state to decide if they will legalize or criminalize marijuana.

Second Amendment


I am a strong supporter in the Second Amendment. I believe that the government should not infringe on our Second Amendment rights.

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